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Drinking large quantities of beer is good for you… says new study…

A key ingredient in most beers when consumed in large quantities can help ward off a winter runny nose, fevers, and some serious illness in small children. If this study is correct kids everywhere will have a great case for lowering the drinking age. Japan based Sapporo Breweries is citing research conducted by the Sapporo Medical University (no relation) that shows a chemical compound found in hops, the plant used in beer to give it its bitter taste, provides an effective guard against pneumonia and bronchitis in younger patients. The respiratory syncytial (RS) virus is known to cause s

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Scientists figure out how to unboil an egg…next, they will be focusing on a way to reverse the late night drunk dialing of your ex!!

That's what chemists with University of California, Irvine, and South Australia’s Flinders University managed to do. All it took was a chemical solution and a machine that might have gotten its name from someone watching Back to the Future a few too many times. Vortex fluid device (Courtesy of Gregory Weiss) “Yes, we have invented a way to unboil a hen egg,” said Gregory Weiss, UCI professor of chemistry and molecular biology & biochemistry. “In our paper, we describe a device for pulling apart tangled proteins and allowing them to refold. We start with egg whites boiled

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It’s official! New Survey proves Women are better drivers than Men

A recent study by Admiral Insurance has finally answered the age old question and often the root of many couples arguing, who is the better driver Men or Women? The new survey shows the following: Men have an annual average mileage of 7004, 564 miles more than the women's average of 6440. On average, men spend more time driving than women and funnily enough they spend a higher percentage of that time speeding. And with men being in the car more often, they also face driving at riskier times and in bad weather. Some other interesting facts the study showed: Safest Drivers by Car

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cool gifts for guys

Top Cool Gifts for guys this Christmas - 2017 Give your man the ultimate grooming sets and skip the tech this Christmas. Finding men a cool gift can be tough, but he deserves nothing but the most luxurious products. That is why, we have hand-picked the very best of the decadent goodies available out there to help save you time and avoid the annoying sock gift. If you are looking for cool gifts for guys then you are in the right place. From colognes, to bathroom gadgets, we have found the best men's grooming items for this christmast 2017. This gifts are cool, unique and sure to please t

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Men’s Grooming and Face Cleanser Products

  MEN SKIN CARE PRODUCTS Men's interest in taking care of their skin is steadily increasing. They are also aware of the importance of using natural ingredient products. It is not new for men to look well groomed. Now they're looking for healthy products to feed their skin in order to look fresh and attractive. We all want to look exceptional. However, all of us don't always seem to know how to make that happen. There are so many things to think about. We are supposed to know what’s trendy and what is not. We must know how to put fashionable outfits, as adults, this is very diffi

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WHY YOU NEED SKIN CARE SCRUB FOR BETTER MEN'S GROOMING? You need to stop thinking that face scrub is a woman thing and accept it as an essential part of your facial skincare routine required for men's grooming. You would be wrong, to think that because you have a strong face, you don't need any face scrubs. If you long for a better complexion and stunning appearance, then don't give a second thought about adding skin care scrub to your skincare routine, except if you are pleased with your dull complexion? Join the circle of perfect looking men by taking a bold decision, to add a skin care scr

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