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Men’s Daily Moisturizing Face Lotion
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Men’s Daily Moisturizing Face Lotion

Men’s Daily Moisturizing Face Lotion – Best Product – By Men for Men

Deep Moisture Facial Lotion SPF 15 for men
Moisturizer your Face for Everyday Protection
Top Rate Men’s Skincare Facial Lotion
Promotes a youthful, glowing complexion to make you much attractive
Penetrates the dermal layer for superior results, make your skin smooth and moisturizing


Daily Face Moisturizer for Men:

About face. – 

It’s time to turn your skincare around with Anthropos Face Moisturizer for Men. Designed exclusively for men by men, this daily moisturizer absorbs quickly to penetrate deep down to your dermal layer to seal in moisture for skin that always looks suave and fresh.

Protection as strong as you are

You’re the strong one, but you need strong protection to keep you at your best. This daily moisturizer protects from environmental damages your face stands up to every day and  works to restore skin at the cellular level, smoothing away fine lines with the exclusive anti-wrinkle formula.

Dapper and delightful always

Charmingly fragranced with sandalwood, you’ll smell like you deserve the corner office. Why pay more for Jack Black and other overpriced brands when you can be gentlemanly for much less with Anthropos?

  • Protects skin from daily abuse of external elements
  • Locks in moisture to the deepest layers of the dermis
  • Anti-aging formula smooths with a matte finish
  • Face moisturizer for men to use every day
  • Distinguished sandalwood fragrance
  • 4-ounce supply lasts 30 days
  • $14.99


Anthropos Men’s Skincare

Anthropos Men’s Skincare prides itself on being a leader in quality, affordable men’s face skincare products. If you are ever not satisfied with our product for any reason we will offer a full refund.